Karie Lynn Frost

Editor, Writer and Project Manager

I’m an award-winning freelance editor and writer with 16 years' experience creating stories that excite for both print and online outlets, including Elle.com, Allure.com, Makeup.com, Nail It!, MarthaStewartWeddings.com and more.

My specialties: Delivering clean copy that will make your job easier. Writing with not only your audience in mind, but your publication/site layout design in mind, too. Trend forecasting. Quick turnaround. Multi-tasking both short- and long-leads simultaneously. Fostering ongoing relationships in the beauty industry—and growing them to include fitness and health.

I'm available for freelance project management, editing, writing, copywriting, creative direction, branded content creation and brand consulting.

Occasional pen name: Taegen Tanner

Contact me: kariefrost@gmail.com

United States of America


Creative Direction & Writing

Beauty Etc.

Brighter Ways

Vivid pigments aren't anything new; it's inventive applications that are truly changing the beauty landscape.

Nail It!

Ten If by Sea

Trend-based feature centered around nautical-inspired nail art; includes visual product recommendations as well as step-by-step how-to’s for certain looks.

Nail It!

Top of the Pop

An in-depth interview with reality actress and brains behind the beauty brand Pop of Color, Kristen Taekman.

Nail It!

Next-Gen Nails

Explores the nail industry’s movement toward hybrid lacquers; calls out the main benefits of this new breed of polish and why consumers will want it.

Nail It!

Fresh Water

Celebrating the nail artistry of celebrity manicurist Pattie Yankee and her take on the season's obsession with pearls.

Nail It!

Cozy, Sexy, Cool

Interpreting the season's trend toward sweater-weather beauty.

Nail It!

Necessary Neon Roughness

Brings the trend of neon texture for nails to life; explores the products to achieve the trend plus step-by-steps to one of the nail looks featured.

Nail It!

Stark Contrast

Borrowing from the runways, nails go black, white and mod all over.

Nail It!

Beauty On Foot

Heat up the streets with toes in attention-grabbing hues and nail art that's the epitome of chic.


Nail It!

Hue Cues Column

Regular column in which I forecasted color trends for nails, as well as selected all imagery, products and color couplings.

Beauty Launchpad

Runway Report Column

Regular column in which I forecasted hair trends straight from the runways, as well as broke down looks step by step from hairstylist interviews backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Beauty Launchpad

Fall's Top Six Makeup Trends

We may be trimming the fat in many facets of our lives, but when it comes to beauty this season, excess is in demand.

Writing - Beauty

Beauty Launchpad

Clash of Tendrils

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the wigs for The Blonds Spring/Summer 2017 runway show.


I Posted Nail Art Selfies and People on Instagram Shamed Me

I once had my cuticles trolled. Yes, my cuticles. I was working at the first stateside consumer-facing magazine about all things nails, and I had been tasked with launching and...


5 Ponytails to Wear Now

From high-and-mighty to tastefully teased, this tried-and-true hairstyle found itself revamped and recharged on the fall 2013 runways.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Choose Your Beauty Based on Your Wedding Venue

Whether you're getting hitched on beach or in a classic ballroom, your bridal makeup should reflect the vibe of your big-day locale.


What Do You Want Your Hair Color To Say About You

We're not ones to judge a book by its cover, but we also can't argue with science: Studies have shown that people make major judgement calls based on the color of your hair.