Karie Lynn Frost

Editor, Writer and Project Manager

United States of America

I’m an award-winning freelance editor and writer with 16 years' experience creating stories that excite for both print and online outlets, including Elle.com, Allure.com, Makeup.com, Nail It!, MarthaStewartWeddings.com and more.

My specialties: Delivering clean copy that will make your job easier. Writing with not only your audience in mind, but your publication/site layout design in mind, too. Trend forecasting. Quick turnaround. Multi-tasking both short- and long-leads simultaneously. Fostering ongoing relationships in the beauty industry—and growing them to include fitness and health.

I'm available for freelance project management, editing, writing, copywriting, creative direction, branded content creation and brand consulting.

Occasional pen name: Taegen Tanner

Contact me: kariefrost@gmail.com


Creative Direction & Writing

Beauty Etc.
Brighter Ways

Vivid pigments aren't anything new; it's inventive applications that are truly changing the beauty landscape.

Nail It!
Ten If by Sea

Trend-based feature centered around nautical-inspired nail art; includes visual product recommendations as well as step-by-step how-to’s for certain looks.

Nail It!
Top of the Pop

An in-depth interview with reality actress and brains behind the beauty brand Pop of Color, Kristen Taekman.

Nail It!
Next-Gen Nails

Explores the nail industry’s movement toward hybrid lacquers; calls out the main benefits of this new breed of polish and why consumers will want it.

Nail It!
Fresh Water

Celebrating the nail artistry of celebrity manicurist Pattie Yankee and her take on the season's obsession with pearls.

Nail It!
Cozy, Sexy, Cool

Interpreting the season's trend toward sweater-weather beauty.

Nail It!
Necessary Neon Roughness

Brings the trend of neon texture for nails to life; explores the products to achieve the trend plus step-by-steps to one of the nail looks featured.

Nail It!
Stark Contrast

Borrowing from the runways, nails go black, white and mod all over.

Nail It!
Beauty On Foot

Heat up the streets with toes in attention-grabbing hues and nail art that's the epitome of chic.


Nail It!
Hue Cues Column

Regular column in which I forecasted color trends for nails, as well as selected all imagery, products and color couplings.

Beauty Launchpad
Runway Report Column

Regular column in which I forecasted hair trends straight from the runways, as well as broke down looks step by step from hairstylist interviews backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Beauty Launchpad
Fall's Top Six Makeup Trends

We may be trimming the fat in many facets of our lives, but when it comes to beauty this season, excess is in demand.

Writing - Beauty

Beauty Launchpad
Clash of Tendrils

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the wigs for The Blonds Spring/Summer 2017 runway show.

5 Ponytails to Wear Now

From high-and-mighty to tastefully teased, this tried-and-true hairstyle found itself revamped and recharged on the fall 2013 runways.

Nail It!
Fine (Nail) Art

Rita Pinto syncs the worlds of nail art and contemporary art with Vanity Projects NYC and a high-art concept nail salon.

The Fine Line
What to Know Before You Color Your Gray Hair

You know the scene: One day, you spot a gray hair. And then, just like that, 100 more show up to the party. (And if this isn't you, you're blessed!) Whether you're sprouting a little bit of salt with your pepper or you're covered in snow, here's what to know before you visit a pro to color your gray.

5 Beautifully Bare Makeup Looks to Try Now

On the spring 2014 runways, one of the biggest beauty statements seemed to be making no statement at all. Complexions that appeared to be untouched ruled the catwalks from New York to Paris.

How to Apply Bronzer and Blush: Mastering the Duo

Batman has Robin. Peanut butter has jelly. And blush has...bronzer? Yes, the blush-and-bronzer duo could be one of your best makeup pairs-if you know how to marry the two together correctly. From placement to application, each has its own set of rules and plays a unique role in accentuating your face.

Evolution of the bang, from Bettie to Zooey

Bangs may be a modern red carpet staple, but they actually have a long history (hair-story?) in Hollywood. Whether wispy or thick, feathered or blunt-cut, bangs are the go-to hair choice for celebs who need a new coif. Here, we look back at the evolution of the A-list fringe.

9 No-Brainer Bedtime Rituals for Beautiful Skin

You've just finished a busy day crammed with commuting, meetings, phone calls and dinner with friends and you're practically sleepwalking by day's end. You're so tired, in fact, that all you see is your pillow; your nighttime skin regimen is the furthest thing from your mind.

6 Ways to Wear Different Textures in Your Hair

When it comes to styling your mane for fall, consider mixing things up a bit. That's what the top experts did backstage at the shows, pairing smooth strands with curly ones or glossy locks with ones that were more matte.

Beauty Etc.
Bite the (Red) Bullet

Interactive story (made for tablets) that looks into the red lipstick trend. In addition to writing, I also came up with the interactive layout.

5 Simple Wavy Hairstyles to Master

Whether you favor a look that's more relaxed than glamorous, or vice versa, these five styles from the spring runways are a cinch to do yourself.

The Blend Is Here

The service is discreet, but the secret is out: Gray blending deserves a place on your menu.

How to Keep Hair Tools From Becoming Too Hot to Handle

Whether we want to flatten or coil our mane, the path to hair texture manipulation typically involves heat—and inevitable heat damage. So when exactly does the temperature become too hot to handle on your flat iron, curling iron or blow-dryer? Heat styling wizard Omar Lopez shares his tips for a scorch-proof beauty routine.

There's a Hair Oil for That

In this busy age of multitasking, we search out beauty products that do it all-and then some. For strands, that all-around workhorse happens to be hair oils.

Beauty Etc.
Come Color Correct

Interactive story (made for tablets) that discusses the ins and outs of color correction.

Beauty Launchpad
Your Story, Styled by Redken

Redken encourages you to #styleyourstory with its reimagined Styling line and two new categories: Flex and Pillow Proof Blow Dry.

What a Gloss Treatment Can Do for Your Hair

If your tresses are looking more matte than magnificent these days, it might be time to get your mane's former shimmer shining again with a gloss treatment.

Mani-Pedi Combos

Two can often be better than one, especially when it comes to painting your nails this season. Here, we spoke with the experts on the hottest shades to pair now.

How to Properly Tease Your Hair

Ratting, teasing, backcombing: These techniques make us think of a bird's nest on our head—and when is that ever pretty? But ratting, teasing and backcombing are integral steps in achieving so many of the hairstyles you see on the runways and red carpet.

Beauty Launchpad
Spectrum Vision

Aveda relaunches Full Spectrum, a family of naturally derived haircolor systems that encourages colorists to embrace limitless pigment possibilities.

How to Ensure That Faux Glow Is for Show

Self-tanner gives us that healthy glow without having to subject our skin to the sun's damaging rays—and we're all thankful for that. But let's face it: We're also all too familiar with the streaking, patchiness and orange cast that can result from applying it, as well as the constant attention self-tanner needs to stay looking natural.

Beauty Launchpad
Think Differently, Work Fast: A Visit with Haircolorist Jo Blackwell-Preston

New York City is a hustle and bustle metropolis; it's expected that salon clients demand services that are not only speedy, but done with meticulous results-even if the service they desire requires more time. But, let's be honest: Manhattan isn't the only place these days where clients want to be in and out of your chair 30 minutes ago.

A Proper Guide to Caring for Your Cuticles .Makeup.com

We've all been there: Our cuticles are ragged and overgrown and we're tempted to cut them. But Jan Arnold, who co-founded nail product brand CND and has made it her mission to help us care for our hands, warns that those snips can quickly go south. Pathogens can enter and lead to infection.

Our Eyes Are on the Defined Crease .Makeup.com

First we set out to conquer the cat eye. Now we want to master another sexy look: the defined eyelid crease. Backstage at Peter Som's spring 2012 ready-to-wear show, makeup artist Tom Pecheux called this design a banana because of its curved shape. We have to agree; we're absolutely bananas for it.


Blind Dates For Beginners

Some of us are looking for love; some just want a booty call. Either way, neither can be achieved without that initial "meeting," and for some, the blind date becomes the avenue to that first tryst. If you think the blind date is dead, think again: On an average day, there are 2,235 web searches for "blind date," according to Webster's Online Dictionary.

Project Management - Editor in Chief

Eye Lash
Beauty Etc. January/February 2017

Created a "flip" magazine that speaks to the pro makeup artist, including business acumen, trend intel and product know-how.

Beauty Etc.
Beauty Etc. - Winter 2010/2011

The first interactive publication of it's kind devoted to makeup artistry, this issue garnered several MAGGIES Awards wins for Best Digital Publication and Design.

Beauty Etc.
Beauty Etc. - Spring 2011

Project oversight included development of concept, working with Flash developer to create interactive content and driving the aesthetic and tonal voice.

Beauty Etc.
Beauty Etc. - Summer 2010

Project oversight included development of concept, working with Flash developer to create interactive content and driving the aesthetic and tonal voice.

Beauty Etc.
Beauty Etc. - Summer 2011

Project oversight included development of concept, working with Flash developer to create interactive content and driving the aesthetic and tonal voice.


Oribe Hair Care
Mercury Rising: Tips for Warm Weather Hair

The long-awaited warm weather season is finally settling in, and as most of us prepare to firm up our physiques, update our wardrobes and book our vacation villas, it's important to remember that all that fun in the sun can wreak havoc on your hair. Read on to discover how Oribe Hair Care and two of it's top educators, James Pecis and Kien Hoang, can get you through the dog days of the season with strands that were shown some serious summer lovin'.

Summer Sandal Must-Haves

Summer is here; it's time to let your feet soak up sunshine in stylish—and comfortable—summer sandals. First you'll need to retire your closed-toe boots and shoes; they have no business covering up your pedicures when the temperature rises.

The Perfect Jewelry Pairing for Your Wedding Dress

After months of hunting for your perfect wedding dress, you likely don't want to spend an equal amount of time tracking down the sparkling finishing touches: your bridal jewelry. After all: you have other wedding day preparations to worry about!

Refresh Your Spring Makeup Routine in 5 Easy Steps

It's about that time of year to refresh your spring makeup routine, but between running the kids to sports this and school that, who has the time? Even if you're strapped for time, a makeup refresh is 100 percent doable with these five budget-beauty makeup tips you can shop right now.

Salon Spotlight: Muse the Salon

Co-owners Garrett Lemmons and Daren Brimberry chat about Muse the Salon’s recent remodel and it’s role in making retailing LBP products easier for the salon’s Master Level independent contractors.

Holiday Travel Beauty Tips

The holiday season is a time to see and be seen-and sometimes that means being seen by an old classmate just minutes after a long red-eye flight. No matter how you get to your loved ones or how many miles you log, packing your beauty items wisely will keep you looking fresh and pulled-together for all of your holiday gatherings.

5th Avenue Style
Woman's World

Tasked by Redken, a hair product company, to forecast style trends based off of the fashion shows they sponsored.

5th Avenue Style
Whirled Domination

Tasked by Redken, a hair company, to single out curl trends from both the runway and red carpet to coincide with the launch of its curl line, Curvaceous.

Social Media Campaigns & Collaborations